Under The Stairs Cool Ideas

We live in the time that we value every space. Gone are the days when big and spacious houses are affordable but since the economy is downgrading the real estate also plummets. People could not afford a big house anymore, that’s why people settle for an average space or little. Adding a few touch ups and creative idea can make your home though small but unique and modernly stylish like what you can do to your stairs.

Sometime we overlook the stairs, and just leave it hanging there, hollow. Clearly we are losing our artistic selves or we’re just lazy enough not to care. Here are some ideas you can do.


If you are a bookish person, and someone who flaunts the books that interest you then you can design a bookshelf underneath your stairs, or you can make it as a multipurpose shelves. It does not only limit to books but you can put some vases, picture frames or your collection of miniature dolls and action figures. Guest will also love viewing them.

Toilet room

When your family is big and one or two toilet room is not enough then you can add another small one by utilizing the space underneath the stairs. This will come handy whenever you are having a house party or having too many guests, you don’t want them to line up like what they do on the pub do you?

Pull out shelves

Instead of going for the usual storage room, why not design unique drawers that when you pull it out it also look like shelves. You can put all your folded towels, draperies, curtains. You also put away your appliances that you seldom use and other things you put in a box and keep it there. This will make your house organized while utilizing your space.

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