Plants and Flowers: No Zombies Allowed

Flowers are the stars of every garden. It is a great natural beautifier and growing these flowers will not only beautify the surroundings. It will also give the home owner a sense of fulfillment whenever he or she becomes successful in making a flower bloom with nature’s aid.

Just like any other plants, flowers bloom when they are exposed to sunlight for at least six hours per day. This is why it is important to observe closely before choosing the spot for the flower garden. Home owners also need to check the soil. It should not be sandy and it should not be sticky. It should be just right.

In choosing flowers, home owners should choose between perennials and annuals. The annual flowers can bloom the whole year through with proper care. However, they die after a year. The perennials on the other hand, can last up to decades. However, their flowers usually stay alive for a week or so.

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