Ideas for Decorating With Floor and Table Lamps

Sometimes a room just needs a little more light shed on it. While a table lamp can provide the accent lighting needed for a small area, a floor lamp can provide deeper illumination and also make a striking decorative statement.

Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes, from old-fashioned vintage style lamps to more contemporary styling. Many modern floor lamps have slender designs that make them fit into almost any corner you can think of to place them. You can learn more about such lamps by looking over some of the many available styles at online venues such as Crescent Harbor Modern, where the sleek space-age type designs often feature materials such as chrome and glass. While lamps from those materials can provide unobtrusive decorative touches that can work for many styles of rooms, you can also find contemporary fixtures that utilize more eye-catching styling with elements such as colored glass.

Some modern floor lamps combine lighter, slender base styling with more traditional looking lamp shades, while others maintain the contemporary look the whole way. Some lamps combine sleek contemporary beauty with extra practicality, combining a larger light at the top of the lamp with a smaller adjustable reading light on a swivel arm in a lower position on the base.

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