Go Green With Wind Power

If you’re a green living enthusiast, consider the possibility of providing your home’s energy needs with a small wind turbine. It’s a popular option for homeowners who want to generate their own power, reduce energy bills, and protect the environment.

Small wind turbines use wind power to produce energy. They are a great way to create clean, emissions-free power for farms, homes and businesses. Unlike larger sized utility-scale turbines, small wind turbines are suitable for properties as small as one acre. To find out if a small wind turbine is suitable for you, take a look at basic requirements:

  • Make sure the wind resource in your local area will power the turbine
  • Make sure your local zoning ordinances will allow wind turbine installations
  • Make sure the costs of purchasing and installing a wind turbine is a viable energy option by reviewing your household energy needs and yearly expenses
  • If you decide to purchase a small wind turbine, make sure it’s sized to meet your household energy needs

What size turbine do you need?

The typical American home requires a small wind turbine with a 5-kW generating capacity for household energy needs, but turbines are available with power ranges from 2 kW to 10 kW.

How tall is a small wind turbine?

The average height of a small wind turbine is about 80 feet. The height of the turbine isn’t typically related to the generator size, so a 5-kW turbine could range from 30 to 140 feet high.

How much do they cost?

An average price to purchase and install a small wind turbine from a ductile iron foundry is about $30,000, but there are federal and state tax credits and rebates available in most areas.

What’s the average payback period?

Depending on your local electricity rates, wind quality, and financing and incentives, the average payback period can range from six to thirty years.

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