How to Clean Windows with Vinegar

Your window is an important part of the home design. It reflects the styles and elegance of the homeowner to the people that are not the family members. It is like a calling card; people guess the caliber of the home owner seeing the window. However, you will need to know how to clean the windows.

Use Vinegar

You know that, the whole world is going green. People are doing very much better using the new and improved techniques and tricks. These tricks do not need the aid of the harmful and costly chemicals. You will need to find out what works the best in the situations. Vinegar is a good thing that will clean the window without leaving a scratch. No worries about the cleaning. And it is healthier too. However you have to do some steps before you start cleaning with the vinegar.

Preparation: When you are going to clean the window using vinegar, you have to take some steps. Otherwise the vinegar will not be effective. You will need to have a better idea at cleaning the other things. The first thing that you can do is, wiping the window. By wiping the window, I mean wipe it entirely. You will have to make the window totally dustless. The vinegar is used to shine the window. If there is dust present, the dust will harm to the window. So clean the window frame, the sill, fixtures thoroughly. Make more space by moving the small objects away.

Mix up the Water and Vinegar: You may be already questioning my intension of adding this point. Rest assured that there is a valid and important reason. You will have to know the correct amount of vinegar and water that you are going to use. After the mix-up you are ready to clean.

Use the mixture in a form of spray. You will need to wipe the glass after some time. It is better not to wait because, if you wait, the dust around the air will settle on it. At last wipe it with a fine wet and warm cloth to take out the rest of the dust.

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