Taking Advantage of Fresh Water

Living on a planet that is three fourths water can make it easy to take having fresh water for granted. However, around the world, there are millions of individuals who are struggling every single day to get enough fresh water to drink. Steps are being taken to increase the access that people have to freshwater around the globe. These endeavors are broken into two parts. There is the discovery part, and there is the purification side.

The discovery includes excavation of underground water sources. Purification involves taking existing water sources and removing unwanted toxins and contaminants, and then turning this water into something that people can drink safely.

Another option that is being explored is transforming saltwater into freshwater. The vast majority of the water on the planet is in the Earth’s oceans and seas. Unfortunately, saltwater cannot be consumed by humans. So purification devices, such as those created by companies like Mc Nab for example, help to remove salt from seawater and make it palatable for humans. Through this process, a salinity monitor will be used to measure the amount of saltwater present.

Research is also being done on tapping the trillions of gallons of fresh water that is stored in the ice caps around the world. In addition to transporting and melting these icecaps, the water produced from them would need to be purified since much of this water contains microorganisms that are harmful to humans.

It is exciting to see all of the positive steps that are being taken in the world of water purification. In just a few years it is likely that mankind will reach the laudable goal of providing clean water to everyone on the planet.

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