Decorative Mirror Design Ideas

Mirrors are very component of the home décor. You can not hope to complete the look of the house without the perfect mirrors. The mirrors are supposed to complement the design of your house not override it. So choose the mirror so that the design is subtle, matching with the style of the home and do not suppress any features of the home.

Choose Room wise

Different part of your house needs different types of attention. So, you have to choose a mirror that goes with the room design. You have to determine the shape, frame color and size of the mirror according to the room position and location. The size if the furniture and style also determine the type of the mirrors.


The shape of a mirror is a vital point that you must keep in mind. An appropriate shaped mirror will definitely increase the beauty of the room. You may like to use the oval mirror of long type mirror or the long mirror. However the mirror should be chosen according to the needs. The dressing room needs a long mirror. But where you take makeup, the oval ones are better choice. You can use small rectangular mirror for the kids’ rooms. Do not use the long mirror idea here.

Look out for Functionality

You already know that the mirrors are to be chosen according to their needs. You will need different mirrors for different needs. For example, your bathroom needs the mirror that will help you go on with the usual grooming works. You have to be careful about choosing the size here. The mirror size should be big enough so that you can see from your face to the upper chest. Sometimes you have lack of space. Here, you can use the mirrored closet. This is really an effective idea. You have thought with size efficiency.

A perfect mirror will give your house a charming look. You may take the help of the professionals if you are going to install the specially customized mirrors. But place the mirror carefully and wisely. Make sure they mirror does not create unnecessary reflections. That will be annoying.

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