Air Conditioning Maintenance during Summer

Summer is going on at a full swing in these months your new best friend is the air conditioner also known as the AC. Since you are going to use it all the way during the summer, you better know some basics to take care of the air conditioner. You do not want it to get busted, do you?

Keep it clean

You have to keep any kind of the appliances if you are going to have the maximum service from it. So clean the unit very carefully. You can just clean the visible part regularly. You do not have to clean up the delicate part under the box. That would be really not easy and you might damage the unit. The insides of the air conditioner are really delicate. If you are going to clean the insides then clean the filter. That will be easy.

Take care of the filter

This is the out door unit of the air conditioner. You have to take special care of it from the start if the summer. Summer season is extremely dirty. The work of the filters is to filter the dirt. Normally you clean the filter once in six month. This time, in the summer you have to clean it once in two month. Then it will be able to work properly.

Provide some space

You have to give the air condition unit some space to work properly. The air conditioner unit works by sucking the air in then cooling it and then blowing it in the house. You have to give it the space to do all the work then the unit will work correctly.

Check for overheating

Overheating is normal in summer. It is going to get overheated if you use it for 6 or seven hours a day. But if the unit overheats before that time then you can assume that the unit has some problem. Contact an expert for consultation.

If the air conditioner is busted, then you are in for a hell in this summer. And I can assure that it will not be a very good experience to have. So take care of the air conditioner and have a happy summer.

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