Keep Your Home Fresh in the Organic Way

The entire world is taking up the green road day by day. People are eating fresher food. They are taking up greener choices. They are using the green method in every spheres of their life. So why should you lag behind. You need to get up-to-date and go green too. So let us talk about how you are going to make the home fresh in an organic way.

Use pot plant

Use the pot plant to clean up the air of your house. Recent research of the NASA itself has shown that some trees are naturally works as an air filter and repel the harmful gases and the bacteria.  They are going to use them in the space station for the cheap air filtering. You can also get benefited by using them. Many trees can help you to make your house more freshened. Snake tree, reed palm, bamboos etc are very healthy trees and they are very strong natural filter. And they look good too.

Use fragrant plant

You can use the fragrant plants to give your house good odor instead of the synthetic air freshens. The air fresheners can be of damage to the old and the children. Also they are flammable. So if there is a candle and a kid is nearly, you can have a serious accident. So instead use the fragrant plant like lemon grass. It is a real beauty. They smell very nice and you can use then in cooking. You can also use rosemary. But they are more like the kitchen garden plant. I think you should not use it.

Insect repellant trees

Some trees repel the insects. Trees like nim, and lemon grass repels the mosquitoes without any chemicals. You can also use lemon and vinegar to repel mosquitoes, ants and the roaches.

Living life in an organic way not only increases the life force of you, but also costs a little money. You will need to get on this lifestyle as soon as possible. It is easy when you provide everything for your life from the nature. So try it.

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