Decorative Paint Ideas for Walls

Walls are the protector of the beauty of your house. You may change the design by changing the walls first. You have to do a very good job on the wall, because the wall is one of the most important elements in your home décor. Let us discuss how to find good wall paint for your home.


Whatever you choose, make sure that it goes with the style of the home décor. You just can not use the different style with a stark difference in a same place. You might end up with something that you do not like. You may be wondering that how come the wall is a major element and still has to follow the style of the other home décor. The answer is complex but I’m simplifying it for you. You see all the home décor elements, no matter how string they are has to work on a same page so they have to be at a tune with each other. You can choose the modern light or cheery colors or you can go with the heavy and dark old style. That entirely depends on your choice.


Remember to work under a theme. If you work under a theme, then you will have a good idea about what you are going to do in the design. What comes next after this and what you can do to make it better. You can do anything, as you like.

Room wise painting

Scientists have found out that the colors of our surrounding affect our mind and our health. So choose the colors wisely. The light color is better for the sitting room. The blue or other refreshing colors are good for the bedrooms. You can put some yellow in the kid’s room too. And some pink if you have a daughter. Dining room is better suited to some orange and other appetizing colors. You can have the walls painted with the pictures of the fruit too.

All I have said above are not some rules. They are just ideas. So you can try and experiment with different colors by yourself. Or take the expert’s help. That will help you too. Just do it properly.

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