Protection Against A Flood

If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain, then you might want to consider flood insurance. This is insurance that you can voluntarily take out with a home owner’s policy that will cover items in the home if there is a flood. You need to read the policy carefully as there could be certain items that aren’t covered and some circumstances that might not be considered a flood.

The National Flood Insurance Program often has information about what is included in a policy. You can get updates if anything changes in your coverage or if there have been more areas added to what are considered flood zones. A flood zone is an area where there will likely be some kind of flooding through the year. It could be an area that is near a river or lake, or it could be an area where there is a substantial amount of rain through the year. Some insurance companies won’t insure a home if it’s located in a flood zone.

Most policies will not only cover your possessions inside the home, but they will also cover the property as well. The building and foundation are typically covered as well as the electrical components. Central air conditioning and furnace systems are also covered under most policies. Most carpets and other types of flooring that are permanently installed are covered. However, temporary flooring likely won’t be included. Policies usually cover the removal of debris after the home has been cleaned as well as the cleaning of the home. Many of the personal belongings that you have can be replaced as they will be covered under the policy. These include clothing, appliances and furniture.

There are some situations where flood insurance just won’t do a lot of good. Policies won’t cover mold and mildew from a leak that could be avoided. Currency and metals aren’t covered. The property outside of an insured building isn’t covered. This would be trees, decks, fences and storage sheds. Temporary housing isn’t covered. Some items have a limit as to the coverage offered, such as crawl spaces, basements and enclosed areas under a deck.

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