Practical Uses for Front Door Mats

An often overlooked decor item when people are designing entryways is entrance mats. It competes with flowers and planters, photos, sculptures, window dressing and furniture. Some home owners consider the mat insignificant and do not choose to have a mat at all. There are good reasons, however, to place a mat near your front door.

Lessen the Dirt

Unless you are a home owner who requires visitors and family to remove their shoes before entering the house, you will find dirt tracked into your home. It is one of the drawbacks from allowing shoes to touch your floors. Having a mat at the front entranceway is a practical way to minimize the amount of dirt you will have to clean later. For good measure, some people choose to place a mat both inside and just outside the door so there are two opportunities to minimize.

Make a Statement

Mats are offered by retailers in a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns. If this is the first point of contact a guest may have with your house and its decor, the mat is the perfect opportunity to make a good impression. You can choose contrasting colors, matching designs or textures that seem to give the room immense depth. You can also choose to change the mat with the seasons in order to set a mood for your guests. Whatever you choose, this small decorating choice will make a statement about you and your design choices to all who enter your house.

Alternative Flooring

In some houses, there is a small tile, laminate or wood square at the entrance. Sometimes, this is more a curse than a blessing. Home designers may have intended it to stand out, but it does this far too much. A mat offers a way to cover this, if you believe your flooring is an eyesore. It is a much more economical way to address the original tile than paying for new materials and labor, if you do not know how to install it yourself. Many home owners see this as a practical way to get rid of flaws in the flooring, too.

When planning the details of your entryway, you should never underestimate the power of a well-placed mat. It is functional and, depending on your choice, can be highly decorative. Ultimately, it becomes an easy way for you to welcome guests into the world of your home.

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