Hand Painted French Art

Magnificent local countryside scenes are portrayed amazingly in Trompe L’Oeil art panels by the respected French master painter Olivier Rochefort. His remarkable talent is proven in his exquisite attention to detail, his mastery of color and composition, and the high quality of his dynamic work.

Each of his art panels is individually hand painted on canvas in the large size of 48” wide x 86” tall, so you need to allow the period of time of eight to twelve weeks for delivery of one of his masterpieces.

These remarkable works of French painting art are available for $3,295.00 per panel and arrive ready to be installed whether as a main feature in a home or office as a bold statement or as a gorgeous addition to a windowless wall.

The scenes in the paintings are exquisite and take you to the surroundings of the artist as he paints memorable and reminiscent art panels that may recall scenes from your own life or take you to dream places that you would like to see and feel like you are a part of.

Fenetre Sud shows you the beauty of Southern Provence on a sunlit summer terrace.

Luberon makes you feel that you can smell the fragrance of summer lavender in a rustic garden.

Cacatoes shows the painter’s cockatoo commanding a view over the stunning Tuscan countryside

Tonnelle portrays lunch being served in a shady grotto in the hills of Southern France.

Castillon shows an idyllic ancient portico.

Vernese is a stroll through a Renaissance garden in the North of Italy.

Verandall is of the Great American West in a Rocky Mountain cabin.

Access to incredible art images gives you the chance to enhance your special spaces for your own enjoyment and the pleasure of the others who are fortunate enough to view your acquisitions.

Take advantage of this great limited-time opportunity to be the proud owner of a genuine Trompe l’Oeil art panel actually painted by hand in France by Olivier Rochefort. Whatever your interests or decor style, you are sure to find a piece that you just cannot live without and that will delight your senses for many years to come.

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