The Importance of Quality HVAC Work

Though homeowners often enjoy DIY projects, HVAC is an area best left to professionals. Smaller maintenance tasks such as changing AC filters is within the grasp of the average homeowner, most do not have the training or experience to repair, maintain or install modern HVAC systems.

A quality HVAC project is important for a number of reasons. Keeping the home cool and comfortable is the first and foremost factor. But there are 2 other areas that are crucial to a well running HVAC system.

Modern AC systems, whether they are traditional central air systems or ductless systems, are designed to be energy efficient when installed and operating properly. But to operate in an energy efficient manner, fittings must be tight, ductwork must be sealed and connected properly, and the components need to be mounted per manufacturer’s specifications.

An amateur installation will more often than not negate the energy efficient design. This will cause the system to overwork and waste energy. A properly trained and experienced AC professional will help ensure manufacturer specifications are met.

Another factor vital to the HVAC system is indoor air quality. Modern homes are insulated and sealed better than ever, and the HVAC system is the heart of keeping the indoor air quality high. Air is regularly circulated and re-circulated through a filtration system to remove dust, allergens, pollen and pet dander. To perform at peak efficiency, filters must be cleaned or replaced periodically, ductwork needs an occasional cleaning and the system itself must be circulating the air properly. The modern HVAC tech will run tests to make sure air is circulated correctly and that it is filtered properly.

When selecting a company to perform HVAC installation in northern VA, experience and training pay off. A homeowner needs to choose a company that is not only experienced in the area, but is up to date with the latest AC models.

There are far more AC manufacturers than most realize, and the properly trained HVAC technician will be trained to install, repair or maintain most of the systems offered today. Often, training comes directly from manufacturers. This training helps to ensure that the system is installed and operating as designed.

When a repair is required, the company should only use the higher quality parts supplied by the manufacturer, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. Finally, the HVAC service company should stand by their work. Make sure the company offers a warranty, is properly licensed, bonded and insured. The investment in a HVAC system is high and a quality install provides insurance for that investment.

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