Natural Methods for Repelling Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a great problem in the summer. You can kill the lions but you have to hide from the mosquitoes to save yourself from the bites. What an irony! Those tiny monsters are annoying the living lights out of you! But you can’t spend all the money on repelling them. So here are some natural ways to repel mosquitoes.


Actually it is the oldest DIY in the book. It is quite simple. We all know that the mosquitoes can be a nuisance in your life, especially in the summer. If you are living in an area that has swamps then you, my friend, are going through a nightmare. You certainly do not have a fortune to spend on the mosquito repelling. Let’s face it, if you were filthy rich then you wouldn’t be reading this. So let us come back to the topic. In this trick, you take a medium size lemon and you stuff ten or twelve clove into it. Then place it near the window or near the air entrance path. The mosquitoes will definitely stay away. The ant will too. This is the cheapest trick in the book.

Lemon grass:

Lemon grass serves multi-purposes. You can use it as an ornamental plant. You can use it in the cooking. You can also use it as a smoke repellant. The thing is the mosquitoes can not stand the smell of the lemon grass. A southern spot at your property is good enough. The fragrance will be all over the house.

Some little tricks:

You can also follow some other things. Wear light cloths because the tiny monsters are attracted to the dark colors. You can also use special bug repellant lights to reduce the bugs. Also, you may need to use some special scented candles to have mosquito free evenings. Also do not use fruit flavored odors in the house. It attracts the insects.

You can easily cut the budget on the insect repellant if you go green and use the natural ways of repelling the bugs. This is also the healthy solution of your bug problem. So try it today. It is way easier and cheaper than the synthetic way.

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