Three Ways a Plumber Can Save You Money

Everyone calls a plumber when they have a serious problem, but there are many services that a plumber offers that can save you money. It is only a matter of knowing where the cost savings can be realized in your home. The following are three areas to look at for cost savings.

Replace your water heater

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, you may start looking to replace it. This is true even if the water heater is in good working condition. The modern water heater is designed to be more efficient, so it takes less energy to get the water hot. You can shop for a new water heater and compare the energy usage with the one you currently own, or simply call your local orland park plumber to make a recommendation. He can also install the new water heater for you.

Replace your water fixtures with water saving models

Water can be expensive, and water rates will continue to rise as water becomes scarce; the time to start saving is now, and a plumber can accomplish this for you by installing low flow shower fixtures as well as water saving faucets throughout your home. You can also have a modern toilet installed that uses less water per flush. Older models were never designed with water usage in mind.

Install a cleanout for your drain line

This is not something every homeowner needs, but if you have ever had to call a plumber to clear your main drain line because of the roots from trees and shrubs on your property, you should consider having a cleanout installed. This is an access pipe that is installed outside of your house that leads directly to the main line. Having a cleanout eliminates the necessity of clearing the line from your toilet pipe. A cleanout is less expensive that removing the toilet because it is less time consuming for the plumber.

The tips listed above are only three ideas of how a plumber can save you money in the long run. In general, the most common way a plumber can save you money is with energy and water saving appliances and fixtures. Most people only replace these items when they break down, but a smart homeowner will replace them sooner, thereby saving money.

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