Transform Your Old Furniture Into A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are attractive and have so many uses. However, its great physical appearance and function does not exempt it from being expensive. That is why, before throwing old and unused furniture, take a moment to consider if it can be used as a kitchen island. Here are examples of aged furniture’s that can easily transform into a kitchen island with just a fresh coat of paint and a little bit of restoration.

1. Dresser

If you happen to buy a new cabinet or dresser and do not need your old one anymore, then use it as a kitchen island instead of throwing it out. Dressers are the perfect height, and what makes it more excellent is the compartment it has, so rather than buying a new island, you can utilize this.

2. Nightstand

Nightstands have so many uses aside from sitting beside your bed. It can also become a portable kitchen island. Just mount rollers or wheels underneath, and you are all set. By doing this, you can chop, or prepare any food that you want anywhere in the kitchen, and it did not cost as much as a brand new kitchen island which is perfect since you were going to throw it out anyway.

3. Study Table

A new kitchen island is very tempting, but so is the thought of saving big when you use your old study table for this function instead of buying a new one. Breathe new life into your aged table by applying a fresh coat of paint with a different color. Once you are done, it will definitely be unrecognizable.

4. Workbench

Industrial benches are notorious for their functionality and durability. When used as a kitchen island, you are assured of long life which only means one thing, and that is savings for you and your family.

Before purchasing a kitchen island, ask yourself if it is worth the money that you are going to spend. If it is not, and you have other furniture’s to make up for it, then our advice is to use the old furniture instead. You can save big time with this, plus it will grab the attention of many people because of its uniqueness.

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