Fridge Organization Techniques You Should Know

Aside from the pantry, your fridge contains all the food that you are going to need to feed your family. Having a dirty and messy fridge is a no-no since it looks bad, and can potentially spoil your food faster. That is why as early as now; you need to learn how to organize it properly. Below are several techniques that you can use for fridge organization.

Storage Materials That Will Help:

  • Containers- Leftover foods that are stored in the fridge should be placed on a tight container. This will prevent spoilage, and a nasty smell from circulating in your fridge. Aside from that, it helps keep your fridge organized.
  • Trays- This will assist you with regards to categorizing your food if you do not want to use containers.

Storing Your Food In The Fridge:

Meat- This type of food should go to the meat drawer, or the coldest area of the fridge. The meat drawer is there for a purpose, and that is to help contain the drip coming from the meat, preventing it from contaminating any other food inside the fridge. Never place your meat on the door area because it will spoil faster than you can eat it, wasting your money in the process.

Fruits and Veggies- Vegetables should be placed on the fridge with high humidity, while fruits on the other hand are the opposite and should be located on an area with little humidity. When storing them on the fridge, take care not to wash them with water first because bacteria will easily accumulate and thrive if you do. Only wash them if you are ready to consume.

Cheese, Butter, and Condiments- They can be grouped together and placed on their respective compartment on the door. These types of food need little coolness, so do not worry if they are placed there as they will still taste the same.

Organizing your fridge will not take long, and it poses different advantages to you and your family. This process preserves food, keeps your family safe from food poisoning, and grants you easy access to the things inside your fridge.

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