Small Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas

The relation of the front yard to your house is similar to the relation like yours with your dress. People who are passing though the street in front of your house do not get enter your house. What they see is your house and gets an idea about your taste. So let us make the front yard beautiful.

Manage the Space

If your front yard is small you have do manage the space very carefully. You have to decide whether you want green in it or there are going to be the bricks. Going green is the wiser choice if you ask me. It will cost you less. You can not do much bigger things so you have to settle for the smaller things.


Lighting could be a good option. But you will have trouble setting up a theme perfectly because you would not have enough space. And there are not going to be enough light fixtures for the lighting. You can not do the fixture installment in this small place. Although you could use the lighting as supplementary procedure, it is recommended that you do not use light based theme head on.


You may have realized by now that you can not use big trees here. But even so, going green is the best. Yes, you heard right. Let me explain this to you. If you can not use the big ones, you have to use the small ones. The small ones mean the trees on the pot. Here you are presented with an opportunity. You can always move the pots at your will. That will be a new look every day.

Additional Accessories

Actually I do not think you will enough space left after that. But if you have, then it is better. You can place stone statue, boulder etc. beside the driveway to give it a different look.

To make your front yard beautiful, all you have to do is, spend a little time and money. You should be little creative too. You do not need any help of the professional to remodel this small front yard. But if you do, then it’s better.

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