Tips For Saving Energy in Your Kitchen

The whole world is opting to assume the energy efficient ways nowadays. So you need to get on with it. You should also use the energy efficient appliances, and even the energy efficient furniture. Your cooking style can also save a lot of energy. Here are some easy tips about how you can save energy in the kitchen.

Use a bigger pan than the coil

The coil is the source of heat. If the coil is bigger than the pan, there is a chance than hit will escape from the bottom and thus it will take more time to cook. Precious heat and gas would be wasted. We can not afford to waste the energy now. So use a bigger pan than the coil and don’t let the energy escape.

Use cover while you cook

It is another important strategy. You should always use the covers while you do the cooking. Covers will not let necessary heat escape and you can finish the cooking with lesser heat than the normal cooking.

One pot cooking

Try cooking it all in all pot. Soup, stew and other peasant meals are a good choice for applying the energy efficiency. You can also prepare a meal in the same time. This method is not very much effective. So do not try it if you do not like it. I am not fond of it either but it sure saves a lot of energy.

Turn off the burner

Just before the meal is finished cooking, turn the burner off immediately. Just let it cook in its own heat. This will save a lot of energy. Although, you will need to get the timing correct. Otherwise, your food will remain undercooked.

There are some other general tips like, cook food with less fat and oil, use stove to heat up the food instead of the oven. You will get hang of them if you start trying them. Energy efficiency will not only help the country, but also save your hard earned money. Get start practicing to get energy efficient today!

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