Avoid Expensive Damage With a Yearly Roof Inspection

Taking the time to inspect your roof at least once a year could save you from some major headaches down the road. Not only is your roof the first line of defense against expensive water damage, but it is also an important piece of insulation. Here is a quick look at some tips you can use to safely inspect your roof and a few signs it is time to contact a roofing contractor Severn MD to discuss repairs.

Safely Inspecting a Roof

A homeowner should never get up on their roof or climb a ladder unless they feel completely safe doing so. Even with the proper equipment, these inspections can be dangerous. For those who do feel comfortable, it is best to inspect the roof once a year during moderate weather. Both feet of your ladder should always be on firm ground, and the top must extend at least three feet past the lip of the roof. It is also a good idea to have a friend or family member holding the base of the ladder to prevent any swaying.

What to Look For

The three most important components of a roof are the shingles, rubber boots, and caulking. The shingles themselves should be slightly pliable, but not spongy or brittle. Older shingles tend to blister and curl when they need to be replaced. The caulking should be visible around all vents, pipes, and wires going through the roof. Each of these openings must be sealed by a single bead of caulking around the edge. Rubber boots and caulking should be replaced if there is any discoloration, cracking, or other visible signs of damage.

Signs Your Roof Is Ready to Be Replaced

If you have recently noticed any damage, then you and your contractor must determine if repairs will be sufficient or the roof is ready to be replaced. Depending on the amount of damage that has taken place and what kind of damage you are dealing with, you might want to consider replacing the roof if it is more than 20 years old. Newer roofs generally do not need to be replaced if the damage is minor and has not caused additional issues in your attic.

Spending just a few hours inspecting your roof at least once a year could keep your energy bills low and help you avoid expensive damage during the next rainy season.

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