Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

The elderly people are like the children. The need some special cares. If you overlook the tiniest details, disaster can happen. But you can not keep an eye on them all the time. That is impossible. So what you have to do is to make your house secure. Let’s talk about you can secure the bathroom area for the elderly.

Use Mats that are Slip Resistant

Senior people commonly have trouble in keeping their balance. Imagine how they will deal with the slippery floor. So you have to install the slip resistant mats on the floor. This is a great way to ensure the safety. You can also use rough sole sneakers. But I think the mats are better idea.

Install Grab Bars

I have already told you that the elderly have trouble keeping their balance. You can partially prevent that by placing the slip resisting mats. However, the risk is not over. They may feel weak at a moments notice fall and hurt themselves. So you will also need to install grab bars to insure the safety. The bar should be slip resistant. That means the bars should be with harsh surface. Make sure that the bars are placed conveniently. The elderly should be able to get to the toilet seat and get out of the bathtub easily with them. It is wise not to use the towel bars for the purpose of the grab bars. They move a lot and do not help with the balance.

Lighting Arrangements

Elder have problems with their visions. So you have to provide as much lighting as possible. You have to arrange extra lighting for the night time. The dim lights should be everywhere from the bathroom to the bedroom. Nightlights should be installed in both the sides of the hallway all up to the bathroom. The lights should be bright enough for the elderly.

Ensuring the safety in the bathroom for the elderly is little challenging. All it takes is a little of your good effort. However when you install the safety fixtures, make sure that the seniors are comfortable with them. You can supervise for some times so that the seniors can get accustomed with them.

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