Making Your Guest Bedroom Comfortable and Welcoming

If you’re lucky enough to have a guest bedroom in your home, it’s important that it be as warm, comfortable, and welcoming as possible. After all, it can be strange to stay in someone else’s home, even when that person is a friend or a family member. By decorating wisely and including the comforts of home, however, you can make sure that your guests sleep well and have a wonderful time. Here are some tips to making your guest bedroom a place they’ll want to return to.

First, choose colors and decor that relaxes your guests and makes them feel at home. Choose soft colors, such as light blues and greens, to decorate the walls. And choose artwork that is appealing and restful. Save the jarring modern art and controversial pictures for other rooms in your home. Similarly, consider adding soft carpet or area rugs to the floor. If you choose the latter, make sure they are well-secured and not liable to slip. Add houseplants to refresh the air and make your room feel alive and homey.

Next, look at the bed in your guest bedroom. This is where your guests will be spending the majority of their time in this room, so make it count. Provide soft, high-count sheets on the bed, and make sure they are clean for every guest. On top, keep them warm and snuggly with cozy blankets. If you live in an especially frigid area, consider Hungarian down comforters, like those sold by DownTown Company, which add a heavy layer of protection. And don’t forget to include great pillows, both soft and firm for varying tastes.

Finally, make sure your guest bedroom has all of the necessary tools for your guests to charge up and connect. Sockets should be plentiful and in reach, so they can plug in their cell phone and laptop. Make sure your guests know how to access the internet, as well. These weren’t considerations 40 years ago, but nowadays your guests will balk if they can’t get online at a moment’s notice. Keep up with the times and make sure your guest bedroom is connected.

You may not want your guests to stay forever, but you want their stay to be pleasant. By decorating wisely, you can ensure that your guest bedroom is one of the most welcoming and comfortable places in your home.

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