Decluttering the Great Outdoors without a Garage

Not every homeowner is lucky enough to have a full size garage on their property. This makes storing the clutter such as toys, lawn care tools, and even the family vehicle difficult. The result is a sloppy yard that is over flowing with junk. If you are one of these unfortunate soles, there is help available. The following suggestions will have your lawn tidied up in no time at all.

Lawn Care Tools

This category can include everything from the lawn mower to a shovel. A shed can provide the perfect place to tuck these items away in. Chances are you have a limited amount of space. Take the time to look over what you have before you purchase one. If you only have a push mower and a handful of garden tools, a closet sized enclosure will be more than ample. Use full size sheds for riding mowers, snow blowers, and other large pieces.


Toys can quickly make the yard look messy. Check your local home improvement stores for storage solutions. Plastic chests with lids are readily available, and they are ideal for everything from basketballs to sand box toys. They also have ones that serve double duty as an outdoor bench. This option provides a place to sit while keeping an eye on the little ones as well as a place where they can put their things when it is time to come in.


Without a garage, your car is left sitting out in the elements throughout the year. This not only creates more work for you when it comes to keeping the car clean, but it can also be damaging to the paint and body. Worst of all, the winter months will bring piles of snow that you will have to brush off along with ice to scrape. Carport kits allow you to build a shelter for your vehicle and are readily available at your local retailer or online through sites such as New Deal Metal Buildings.

Once you have found a place for the garden tools, toys, and the family car, you won’t even notice that your home lacks a garage. These simple storage solutions will create a yard that is neat and tidy throughout the year.

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