Things you should know before hiring an HVAC repair service

Most homeowners need help from an HVAC company occasionally for heating and ac repair Hampton VA services. Repairing HVAC systems requires extensive experience and special training. That is why it is very important to find a qualified company to help. The following are important things to look for before hiring an HVAC repair service.


You want to have a technician with extensive experience to work on your HVAC system. A majority of master technicians obtain their experience through apprenticeships and other types of programs. Then they of course acquire on-the-job experience while working on actual HVAC system. Be sure to ask for an experienced technician to do your repair work.

Proper Credentials

If any licenses are required for performing HVAC repair work in your state or city, be sure to check on the company’s credentials before hiring one. Having the proper licenses will demonstrate that the technician who will be doing work on your HVAC system has being properly tested and trained in your state to do the job according to your area’s building codes. Also make sure the HVAC service carries the proper insurance so that both you and the company are protected in the event there is an accident or injury on your property while the work is being performed.

Great References

One of the best ways of finding a reputable HVAC repair service provider tends to be through word of mouth. If an HVAC technician or company is unable to provide you with strong references, then look elsewhere. Good references can give you the confidence that the service is reputable and competent.

Ask family members, friends and neighbors for referrals. Also ask any technician you are considering hiring to provide you with references, and follow up to ensure that past customers were satisfied with the work. You can also check online to see if there are any reviews posted about the company you are considering hiring.

Fair Price

You never want to hire an HVAC repair service based on price alone. You will want to take the other factors above into consideration as well. However, price is obviously an important factor. Be wary of any low ball quotes since they may cut corners and are giving you a cheap price just to get the job. If there are two or more services with similar prices, go with the company that that has the best references, qualifications and experience for your repair job.

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