Water Heater Insulation DIY

Water heater insulation is not a less important matter in the day to day home improvement work. Sometimes you need to hire professional people to fix your heater’s insulation. But you could do these works and save some money. Let us talk about some easy DIY tricks.

Plan the work:

I know that you are not exactly leading a very relaxing life. You have works and other duty to attend. You may not have the time check up on the little things, but it is better to check up on the heater occasionally. You have to make a plan for that.  Just take out an hour in every three or four moths to take care of the heater.

Why Insulation is needed:

You may be wondering why you would need insulation. Also you are wondering why you need to check up on it. Actually all the appliances in the home need to be taken care of almost regularly. No matter how good the company is, you will have to take care of the insulations of the heater. You have to look at it in the winter especially. That is the time when you will need the heater to work at its best. If you are suspecting that your heater is not working as expected then the most common problem that you can face is the insulation problem. This insulation saves you from wasting valuable energy.

Find out faulty spots:

There are no hard and fast rules. You just have to take the old fashioned touch and feel procedure. Turn of the heater. Then go near it after some time. Now try to feel. The heater will be heated. But the faulty places will have cracks. And emit much heat. There you go! You have found the fault spot.

What to do:

You may want to add the insulator blanket (made with insulator materials) in your supply. You could also have some of the tapes and glues to repair the hole. The heat resistant ones are better.

You have act carefully when you are going to. Repair the insulation problem of your heater. It is very important. You do not want your family to spend the cold nights without the heater, do you? So act wisely and check up on the heater regularly.

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