Creating a Foyer

When your front door opens into the living area of your home, you can implement some creative decorating tactics to define a foyer-like entrance. Doing so will give you a functional entrance and an attractive way to welcome visitors to your home.

Adding a Divider

Placing a bookcase just inside the door is one way to create a division of space. If you don’t have enough space for a bookcase, a folding room divider or decorative screen could serve the same purpose.

Use What You have

If there’s a wall or corner space just inside the door, you can use that space to create a foyer. Placing a small table, shoe rack, small bench or some shelves and hooks will provide a place for shoes, coats, keys and other items that you and family and friends bring into the house. For a decorative effect, you can hang an impressive or humorous piece of art on the wall. Adding a mirror above a table in this creatively invented foyer area will visually expand the space. It will also give you an opportunity to check your appearance before leaving home or opening the door to guests.

Using Rugs to Define a Foyer

A rug at the front door can serve multiple purposes. It can be a place to dry your feet on a rainy day. It can be a safety feature that protects against slipping when you walk in the door. A rug can help define what you determine to be your entryway. You can add a small accent rug at the door or place a larger rug or runner there to expand the space.

Adding Lighting

If you can create a foyer-like area using a small table placed in a corner or against a wall, you have an ideal place for adding entryway lighting. It’s important to keep the size of the pendant light or chandelier appropriate to the size of the area you’re defining as a foyer. A floor lamp or table lamp would also add ambiance to your entryway. You can click here to explore the many lighting options that can enhance your newly created foyer.

A foyer can increase the aesthetics of a home and serve as a functional space. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to create a defined space that you can call a foyer.

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